Southwestern Adventist University

Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Student Missionary Program Courses

UNIV 103 - Experiential Program

1-6 hours

This course is designed to allow the student missionary, taskforce worker, or summer colporter to serve in the field and, in combination with UNIV 211, maintain full-time enrollment. By this the University recognizes the legitimate educational value of this experience. Credit does not apply towards graduation requirements.

UNIV 211 - Field Experience

6 hours

Through this course, the student missionary or taskforce worker will earn 6 hours of credit per semester while serving in the field. A maximum of 12 hours of credit may be earned, and will be applied as elective credit toward graduation. This course is monitored by the campus chaplain, and students must make financial arrangements for this course before leaving campus. Pass/no pass course.


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