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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Alternatives for Acquiring Credit

Adult Degree Program students can take advantage of the following alternatives for acquiring college credit:

  1. CLEP is a national system of college credit by examination offered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. 
  2. Proficiency examinations provide the opportunity to challenge a course for credit. The polices for this alternative are also described on page 47 of this Bulletin.
  3. Credit for prior learning is available through the portfolio assessment program. The student may receive up to 16 credits for college level learning acquired outside the formal credit granting process. To obtain this credit, the student must register for ADPS 230 Prior Learning Assessment, a one hour course. The course guides the student through the development of a portfolio to document college level learning. The portfolio will be evaluated by faculty in the discipline for which credit is requested. A limited number of courses, primarily in business and religion, are available for experiential credit. The student considering this alternative should consult carefully with the Adult Degree Program office for course applicability. Credit awarded through the portfolio does not apply toward the 32 hour residency requirement. In addition to the tuition for the Portfolio Development course, there is an evaluation and transcription fee for experiential credit.


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