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Murray Cox, Chair.

Gerald Springer

Adjunct:  Karl Konrad

Aims of the Chemistry Program

The aim of the chemistry program is to develop in students the ability to think critically and creatively. The chemistry curriculum is designed to provide the student with a strong background in the areas of organic, biochemistry, analytical and physical chemistry. The major will serve as a solid foundation upon which the candidate can build a professional career or a more specialized graduate program.

Programs (Click for more info)

  • B.A. Chemistry - 39 (19 u.d.)
  • B.S. Chemistry - 43 hours (23 u.d.)
  • B.S. Biochemistry - 57 hours (29 u.d.)
  • B.S. Physical Science - Secondary Certification - 51 hours (21 u.d.)
  • Minor in Chemistry - 18 hours (6 u.d.)
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