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Composition Courses

ENGL 021 - Composition Review

3 hours

This class is required of students whose SAT Critical Reading score is below 430 or whose ACT English score is below 17. Those students who enroll in ENGL 121 and demonstrate in their introductory essay that they need reinforcement in basic mechanics, usage, and structure will be advised to enroll in this class. Credit will not apply toward graduation.

A basic review of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Special emphasis will be given to the construction of a coherent paragraph.  (Fall, Spring)

ENGL 121 - Freshman Composition

3 hours

Prerequisite: Minimum SAT Critical Reading score of 430, a minimum ACT English score of 17, a minimum grade of C in ENGL 021, or successful completion of the ESL program with a score of 80 on the Michigan Test of Language Proficiency.

This course focuses on individual writing processes, the production of quality expository and argumentative prose for a variety of purposes and audiences, and the introduction of information literacy skills. The course also emphasizes the development and use of critical thinking and reading skills essential for writing college-level papers. (Fall, Spring)

ENGL 211 - Approaches to Literary Research and Criticism

3 hours

Prerequisite: ENGL 121, 220. ENGL 220 can be taken concurrently.

The course introduces the concepts, applications and research involved in literary criticism. The student will be introduced to literary genres and terms. Writing of literary criticism will be the main emphasis of the class, including the use of primary sources, the construction of an essay, and the correct documentation format as specified in the Modern Language Association Stylebook. English majors will begin the process of senior portfolio development. This course fulfills the requirement for UNIV 201: Research in an Academic Discipline as specified in Southwestern's Quality Enhancement Plan. (Spring)

ENGL 220 - Research and Professional Writing

3 hours

Prerequisite: ENGL 121 and sophomore status

This course focuses on elements of research and information literacy skills, writing using sources, and professional career writing. Structured for students from a variety of academic disciplines, the course emphasizes the rhetorical principles of audience, purpose, and genre and practice with APA/MLA documentation. A major focus includes critically evaluating scholarly and popular resources, both hard copy and electronic. (Fall, Spring)

ENGL 342 - Composition Theory and Practice

3 hours

Prerequisite: ENGL 121, 220

A study emphasizing both the theoretical and practical aspects fundamental to successful writing or the teaching of writing. Students  examine major contemporary writing theorists and their research or contributions to the field of composition, analyze theory in relation to their own writing, define principles of effective writing and the teaching of writing, and apply these principles in a tutoring experience.  (Fall)




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