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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Biblical Courses

RELB 211 - Life and Teachings of Jesus

3 hours

A study of the life and teachings of Jesus as outlined in the Gospels, including His principles, methods, and instructions in light of their application to modern life. (Fall, Spring)

RELB 313 - Prophetic Studies

3 hours

An introduction to and survey of the books of Daniel and Revelation.  Special emphasis is given to the application of their prophecies to the modern Christian life. (Spring)

RELB 315, 316 - Old Testament I, II

3, 3 hours

An introduction to the history, literature, and thought of the Old Testament. Study is given to the contemporary objectives of each book and application to life in modern times. Fall topics: Pentateuch and The Writings. Spring topics: Prophets and Historical Books. (RELB 315 Fall, RELB 316 Spring)

RELB 339, 340 - New Testament I, II: The Letters

3,3 hours

The world and literature of the New Testament, including theme and purpose of each book and applications to Christian life.  Spring: Romans-Revelation.  

RELB 410, 411 - Biblical Studies Seminar I, II

3, 3 hours

Prerequisites: RELB 315, 316, 339 or 340

Prerequisite for RELB 411: RELL 240

A seminar on a biblical topic, book, or body of literature designed to encourage careful, responsible investigation and interpretation. May be repeated for credit. Fall semester: OT topic/text. Spring semester: NT topic/text.  (RELB 410 Fall, RELB 411 Spring)


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