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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Admission Requirements and Procedures

As a Christian institution providing higher education in the liberal arts and selected professional areas, Southwestern Adventist University offers admission to qualified applicants of good moral character, personal maturity, and intellectual ability.  Preference is given to those who share the vision, values, and ideals of the University and whose desire for a successful education experience will enable them to commit to the total program of learning, development, and service. The University is a vital institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the southwestern United States and fosters an academic program in keeping with the teachings and practices of the SDA Church.  The university welcomes students who are not members of the SDA Church and are willing to respect and to support the academic and social program.  The University maintains a policy of non-discrimination in the admission of students and endeavors to have a diverse academic community -- religiously, economically, ethnically, and culturally. Currently, students come from various states of the nation and from other countries. 

The Admissions Committee has the responsibility for admission and readmission to the University.  Admission to the University does not in itself assure the student of housing, financial aid, medical clearance, registration in classes, or other necessary arrangements.  It is the responsibility of the accepted student to make such arrangements with the appropriate office.
The Office of Admissions and Records will provide further admission information upon request.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact Southwestern Adventist University and to take advantage of one of several options to learn more about the University.  Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services for more information.
Numerous financial assistance opportunities are  available to make it possible for applicants to be considered for admission without regard to their ability to meet the full cost of tuition.  For further information and assistance, a prospective student should see the financial assistance section of this Bulletin and contact the Office of Student Financial Services.
Students are advised that admission is contingent upon the integrity of the information submitted to the University and contained in the application file.  Discovery of false information subsequent to the offer of admission is, at the University’s discretion, grounds for withdrawal of the offer of admission or for immediate dismissal at any point in the student’s course of study.  Such dismissal shall result in forfeiture of all charges paid and academic credits earned.


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