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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Tuition Discounts

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students who take 12 or more ESL credit hours in a semester will receive a tuition discount of $3,169.  No other Southwestern scholarships are available to students during that semester.

Family Discounts

When parents are supporting three or more students from the same family at Southwestern, each of these students may receive a 10% discount on tuition, provided each student of this family is taking at least 12 hours of class work. When students marry, they are no longer eligible for this special discount, even if they had been entitled to it while members of their parents' household. This discount does not apply to discounted programs.

The spouse of a full-time student is eligible for free tuition up to $500 per semester. All admission procedures still apply. When both students are full-time, the couple may choose which one will receive the $500 scholarship. This scholarship does not apply to the PBS, or other discounted programs.

Lab School Graduate Students

Students who teach for one of the University's lab schools (schools in districts who have a contract with the Education Department for student teaching) will receive a 50% tuition discount for graduate classes taken on campus. Distance learning classes will be assessed an additional fee.

Post-baccalaureate Student (PBS)

Post-baccalaureate students receive a 50% tuition discount for undergraduate courses. This does not include classes in nursing, student teaching, ESL,  independent study, private lesson fees or laboratory charges. See page 11 for definition of PBS student. Students receiving the PBS discount do not qualify for other University Scholarships.


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