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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Grading, Recording & Qualifying Policies

Grade Point Average

Two grade point averages are maintained by the University: (1) a semester average based on courses taken during a particular term, and (2) a cumulative average based on all college level work recorded on the transcript.

A student's grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the number of grade points by the number of credit hours attempted.

Grade Reports

Mid-term and final grade reports are available to students and advisors through the web portal. Students should check their grade reports carefully. If a student believes any part of the report is incorrect, the corrections must be made within 3 months, unless subject to the Academic Appeals Procedure (see page 54). Only the end-of-semester grades are recorded on the permanent record.

Grading System

Grade Symbol Grade Points    
A 4.0    
A– 3.7    
B+ 3.3    
B   3.0    
B– 2.7    
C+ 2.3    
C    2.0    
C– 1.7    
D+ 1.3    
D 1.0    
D–- 0.7    
F   0.0    
P Pass    
NP No Pass    
I Incomplete    
W Withdraw    
AU Audit    
IP In Progress    
NC No Credit    
NR Not reported by instructor     
CR Credit by examination*    

*P and CR represent grades of C or better

Incomplete Grades

A temporary grade of incomplete may be awarded only upon the approval and submission by the faculty member involved.  Incompletes may not be entered on the faculty portal and are submitted directly to the Office of Admissions and Records on a form designed for this purpose.  An incomplete grade of I indicates that the student was unable to complete all of the class work because of illness or other unavoidable circumstance.  The student must complete the remaining required work no later than nine weeks from the end of the semester during which the course was taken.  This due date is published in the academic calendar of this Bulletin. The instructor must submit a grade to replace the incomplete by the end of the semester during which the student completes the class.  If the circumstance is of such a nature that it may require additional time, the student must submit a request for an extension to the Academic Standards and Practices Committee.

Grade Changes

A grade may be changed only by the instructor responsible for the class. Changes in a grade are made by submitting a change of grade to the Registrar. A student who feels that an improper grade has been received must notify the faculty member immediately upon receipt of the grade. All grades are final three months after they are posted.


To request a university transcript, a signed request must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records one week in advance of desired mailing. A faxable transcript request form is available on the University web-site. There is no charge for transcripts, except when requesting express mail ($25), same day service ($5), or fax service ($5). Payment is required in advance. A transcript is not released if a student's financial account is not clear. 


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