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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Academic Sanction Policies

Students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in order to graduate. The current semester GPA, as well as the cumulative GPA of every student, whether full or part-time, is calculated after each semester grading period. The University will notify students when their performance is not reaching that minimum level.

Students who are not making satisfactory progress are subject to the Academic Sanction Policies involving four increasingly serious steps: Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Academic Suspension, and Academic Dismissal.

Academic Warning

When a student's semester GPA falls below 2.00 while the cumulative GPA remains above 2.00, the student and the advisor will receive a letter indicating the student has been placed on academic warning. There are no restrictions on registration but the student will be encouraged to enroll in UNIV 011 University Strategies the next semester.

Academic Probation

When a student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.00, or when the student's semester GPA falls below 2.00 for two consecutive semesters, that student is placed on academic probation. Transfer students admitted to SWAU with a GPA lower than 2.00 will also be placed on academic probation. The probationary status is communicated in writing to the student and the advisor. The Academic Vice President and the Academic Support Advisor will monitor the student's progress during the probationary period.  A student on academic probation must be aware that her/his academic career are in serious jeopardy and that some programs and activities, including financial aid, may not be available.

Academic Probation includes the following conditions designed to help students improve their academic performance:

  1. Late registration is not allowed
  2. Enrollment is limited to 13 semester credit hours and emphasizes repeating classes for which D or F grades were received
  3. Enrollment in UNIV 011 University Strategies, unless completed previously
  4. Development of a Contract for Academic Success
  5. A biweekly conference with the Academic Support Advisor
  6. Completion of all registered classes with minimum grade of C.

A student meeting these conditions continues on academic probation until the cumulative GPA reaches 2.00.

Academic Suspension

A student who fails to meet the probation conditions during any probationary semester will be placed on academic suspension for one semester. During the suspension period the student may not register for classes at SWAU. A suspended student may apply for readmission to SWAU after successfully completing at least one 12 semester hour term at another school.

Academic Dismissal

Suspended students who are readmitted and who then fail to raise their cumulative GPA, or have a deficiency which makes it unreasonable to anticipate eventual completion of degree requirements, will be academically dismissed.


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