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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Bachelor's Degree

  1. Principles of Active Learning* (1 hour)
  2. English (12 hours)
    1. Speech (COMM 111, 113, or 115) (3 hours)
    2. Freshman Composition (3 hours )
      To be taken the freshman year.
    3. Research and Professional Writing (3 hours)
      Recommended to be taken the sophomore year.
    4. Literature (taught in English) (3 hours)
      Recommended to be taken the junior year.
    5. A required upper division course, with a writing component, in the student's major or minor area of specialization. To be taken the senior year.
  3. Health and Physical Education (4-5 hours)
    Choose one of these options:
    1. Health and Wellness KINT 111 & P.E. Activity Course
    2. Courtship, Marriage, and Family PSYC 244, Physical Fitness KINA 111, & P.E. Activity Course
    3. Nutrition KINT 216, Physical Fitness KINA 111, & P.E. Activity Course
    4. Physical Fitness KINA 111 & three different P.E. Activity Courses
  4. Math/Natural and Computer Sciences (12-14 hours)
    1. Mathematics (3 hours)
      Students will complete at least three hours of mathematics. MATH 110, MATH 121,MATH 181, or MATH 241 can satisfy this requirement.
    2. Lab Science (two classes) (8 hours)
    3. Computer Science (1-3 hours)   Choose one:  CSIS 102, CSIS 104, CSIS 110                         
  5. Religion (12 hours)
    The religion courses provide students with a general orientation to Christian life, increase the student's knowledge of the Bible, and provide an avenue for the development of a maturing Christian faith.  It is strongly recommended that students enroll for a minimum of one course each school year in attendance.  Applied religion is not to exceed three credits; three of the religion credits must be upper division. Transfer students from non-SDA schools must have three hours of religion credit per 30 credits taken in residence, with a minimum of six hours. Religion classes taken prior to enrollment at the University will be considered for transfer.  Non-SDA religion classes taken after enrollment will not be transfered.
  6. Social/Behavioral Sciences (12 hours)
    1. History (6-12 hours)
      (Must include 3 hours in non-American history)
    2. Choose from these (0-6 hours)
      Economics, History of Western Art, Geography, Modern Language, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Survey of Music.
  7. Foreign Language (0-6 hours)
    The Bachelor of Arts degree, and some other degrees, require six hours of an intermediate-level foreign language. (6 hours of Hebrew or 12 hours of Greek will count as meeting the intermediate language level requirement.)

Students seeking a degree in Elementary Education must see the Education section of the Bulletin for specific general education requirements.

* All freshmen who have taken less than twelve previous college hours, which does not include credits taken while in high school or by examinations, must enroll in the Principles of Active Learning course.



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