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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Mission Statement

In keeping with the Christian mission and academic goals of the University, the purpose of the Adult Degree Program is to give a broad spectrum of students an opportunity to learn and to earn college credit through distance education. Distance education is focused on the delivery of a select number of programs and courses. The courses are taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus programs and content, objectives, and outcomes are the same. Southwestern Adventist University faculty and staff are committed to helping distance education students complete their programs successfully.

The Adult Degree Program offers distance education to individuals who often have commitments to family, work, and community that make it impossible to attend classes on campus on a regular basis. Mature and motivated students will find the flexibility of a distance education study program helpful in their pursuit of various higher-education opportunities. The Adult Degree Program has been offered since 1980 and hundreds of students have successfully completed degree and certification requirements in this manner.


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