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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

The Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program at Southwestern Adventist University provides teacher training in elementary education, including the intermediate school, and at the secondary level. Through the School of Graduate Studies one can obtain a masters degree in Education.

The Education program is designed to prepare students for certification with the State of Texas, and thus be qualified to teach in either the public or private sector. This preparation is accomplished through a combination of campus and field-based delivery systems.

Degrees are awarded by Southwestern Adventist University, while certification is awarded by the State of Texas. Therefore, a student may seek certification upon completion of any degree, the completion of a state-approved teacher certification program, and the receipt of a satisfactory score on the TExES examinations. To be recommended for certification by Southwestern Adventist University, a minimum of 12 successful semester hours in residence is required.

The State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) establishes the teacher certification standards. Any change in these standards must be reflected in Southwestern Adventist University's certification requirements; therefore, any modification in the state law affecting our certification requirements takes precedence over statements in the Bulletin.

Seventh-day Adventist teacher certification may be acquired simultaneously by meeting the requirements as outlined in the North American Division Office of Education, "Certification Requirements, K-12", as revised in 2007.


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