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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

State Certification

Certification levels for teaching certificates will be:

  1. Early Childhood-Grade 6 (EC-GR 6)
  2. Grades 4-8 (GR 4-8) (will no longer be offered after Fall 2013).
  3. Grades 8-12 (GR 8-12)  (will no longer be 8-12 but 7-12 as of Fall 2013) with specialization in English, History, Journalism, Life Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, Speech, or Social Studies (will no longer be offered after Fall 2013 as a composite degree Social Studies but as individual subjects such as History, Geography, etc).
  4. All Level Physical Education or Music for Early Childhood-Grade 12 (EC-12).


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