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Southwestern Adventist University offers a major in Elementary Education. A major in Secondary Education is not available. A person interested in Secondary Education must complete a major and/or a minor in another discipline in addition to the course work required for teaching certification. The Teacher Education Program consists of three major components; academic foundations (general education), professional development and academic specialization.

Alternative Certification Program

See page 144.


A. Academic Foundations

Required for EC-GR6, GR4-8. (GR8-12, All Level PE or Music K-12 should meet general education requirements on page 62.)  Please note that effective Fall 2013 there will no  longer be grades 8-12 but grades 7-12.

General Education Curricula Minimum Requirements*

English       12
COMM111  Speech 3  
ENGL121  Freshman Composition 3  
ENGL 220 Research and Professional Writing 3  
ENGL 231 American Literature I or    
ENGL 232 American Literature II 3  
Social and Behavioral Sciences   12
HIST 111 American History 3  
HIST 112 American History 3  
HIST 312 Historical and Political Geography or    
ARTS 221 History of Western Art 3  
POLS 211 Texas & National Constitutions 3  
Math/Natural and Computer Science   12-14
MATH 110 Math (College Algebra or above) 3  
  Two classes of lab Science 8  
  It is recommended that you take one semester of life science and one semester of physical science.    
CSIS 102 Microcomputer Literacy or 1 credit equivalent if one passes the challenge exam or 1-3  
CSIS 104 Spreadsheet and Database Application 1  
Health and Physical Education   4
KINT 111 Health & Wellness 3  
  P.E. Activity Elective 1  
Religion**   12
RLGN 101 Christian Beliefs 3  
RLGN 230 History of the SDA Church 3  
RLGN 211 Life and Teachings 3  
  Upper Div. Old Testament, New Testament, or other Bible content class 3  
Principles of Active Learning***   1
  Total:   53-55

* Students who qualify for honors classes may substitute where appropriate.

** These specific classes are required for SDA certification only. For those seeking only state certification, it is strongly recommended that students enroll for a minimum of one course each school year. Applied religion is not to exceed three credits; three of the religion credits must be upper division. Transfer students from non-SDA schools must have three hours of religion credit per 30 credits taken in residence at Southwestern, with a minimum of six hours. Though religion classes taken prior to enrollment at Southwestern will be considered for transfer, at least three hours must be from an SDA school, and non-SDA religion classes taken after enrollment here will not be transferred.

*** All freshmen who have taken less than 12 previous college hours, which does not include credits taken while in high school or by examinations, must enroll in the Principles of Active Learning course.


B. Professional Development

(Required for Elementary Education Majors and for Secondary Education Certification)

PSYC 220 Human Growth and Development 3
EDUC 254 Intro to the Teaching Profession 3
EDUC 263* Religion in the SDA School 3
EDUC 312 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 326 Exceptional Children 3
EDUC 350 Educational Technology 3
EDUC 416 Legal and Philosophical Foundations 3
EDUC 434 Classroom Assessment 3
EDUC 436 Classroom Management 3
EDUC 440 Integrating Learning Styles 3
EDUC 465, 475, 485  Directed Teaching (selected for chosen Certification) 6
  Total: 36

Secondary Education Certification also requires:

EDUC 322 Adolescent Psychology 3
EDUC 450 Teaching in the Secondary School 3

* for SDA certification and state/SDA certification.



C. Academic Specialization (Click for more info)

Information not shown.


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