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Vesa Naukkarinen, Chair; Rodney W. Bussey, Chad Hutchinson

Adjunct: Tyler Bray,  Michael England, Janet Goodman, Kim Hopps, Bev Mendenhall, Kent Tucker

Aims of the Department

The Department of Kinesiology provides classes and support for Physical Education, Wellness and Exercise Science majors as well as minors in Physical Education, Wellness, and Coaching. Classes to support the general studies students in fitness, wellness and physical education are also provided. In the basic fitness and wellness classes, students are guided through a personal fitness program and encouraged to adopt a proactive wellness lifestyle, consistent with SDA teachings. Infrastructure to the University is provided by the Department of Kinesiology through the management of an intramural and club sports program and the operation of a fitness/recreation center that are available to all students and faculty 16 hours a day.

Students may elect courses which prepare them for careers as elementary or secondary physical education teachers. A major in Physical Education will also prepare the student for a career in the public or private sector of recreation. Exercise Science is an excellent pre-professional course of study for exercise physiology, physical therapy or other areas of medicine. A major in Wellness prepares the student to become a certified personal trainer and find a career in the hospital, corporate or private fitness industry. All of the majors prepare students to enter graduate school.

Programs (Click for more info)

  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • B.S. Physical Education
  • B.S. Wellness
  • B.S. Business and Kinesiology (Composite Major)
  • A.S. Wellness Teaching Area - All Level Certification
  • Minors in Coaching, Physical Education, and Wellness
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Courses (Click for more info)

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Kinesiology Activity Courses (Click for more info)

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