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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Entrance Requirements

Incoming students in the Music Degree Programs will be examined in two areas:  practical piano skills and  performance. A student who does not bring a significant level of talent to singing or playing an instrument may not be successful as a major.

  1. A functional piano performance exam will be given to all incoming music majors. This exam includes but is not limited to:
    1. Technique: scales and arpeggios
    2. Chord progressions and cadences
    3. Harmonization of melodies
    4. Sight reading
    5. Score reading
    6. Memorization and performance

    If students are unable to pass the exam (which is described fully in the Music Major Handbook), they are required to take piano lessons (MUPF 151) or a new three-semester class piano class starting no later than the second semester in residence.  Modification to the piano performance exam can be made in the event of physical handicap.

  2. Success in Music Theory I (MUCT 111) requires basic background knowledge of music theory.  Incoming students with theory deficiencies are encouraged to study during the previous summer.  The fundamentals of music may be learned online or through self-guided texts or software.  Contact the Southwestern Adventist University music department for further information.
  3. Performance is an important and integral component of the music major program. The incoming music students are strongly recommended to send a recording of their best performing, chosen from standard repertoire lists for advising purposes. All incoming majors will perform in a recital the first week, along with the returning majors.


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