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Music Education

MUED 253 - Music in the Elementary School

3 hours

Music in the education of children six to twelve years of age. Students develop their philosophy of music education as they practice methods for guiding children in musical experiences of listening, performing, and creating to foster aesthetic and cognitive growth. (Fall)

MUED 275 - Diction for Singers

2 hours

Must be enrolled simultaneously in MUPF 131 or MUPF 331 (Applied Voice Lessons)

Introduction to proper pronunciation necessary for singers. Students will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as the basic principals of Italian, French, German and English diction. (Offered periodically)

MUED 280 - Basic Conducting

1 hour

Prerequisite: MUCT 151

The study and drill of basic conducting patterns and coordination of hand and baton techniques. (Fall)

MUED 355 - Music in the School: K-12

2 hours

Prerequisite: MUCT 221

Music in the school from kindergarten through high school. Covers objectives, organization of subject matter, teaching techniques, and materials for general music classes. Will involve observation in the classroom. (Offered periodically)

MUED 380 - Choral Conducting

2 hours

Prerequisite: MUED 280

The study of Choral Repertoire from all periods as well as emphasis on score reading, rehearsal techniques, and conducting problems with regard to choral ensembles. (Fall)

MUED 381 - Instrumental Conducting

2 hours

Prerequisite: MUED 280

Conducting patterns applied to elements of interpretation. Emphasis on score reading, rehearsal techniques, and conducting problems. Practical application in active musical organizations. (Spring)

MUED - Technique & Pedagogy

2 hours

Prerequisite: MUCT 151

An introduction to teaching and performing through intermediate level. Performance techniques, pedagogical methods and materials, maintenance and practical teaching experience. (Offered periodically)

MUED 371 Percussion

MUED 372 Brass

MUED 373 Strings

MUED 374 Woodwind

MUED 451 Voice

MUED 452 Piano

MUED 453 Instrumental Pedagogy


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