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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012 PDF

Chan Shun Centennial Library

Chan Shun Centennial Library serves as the intellectual center for campus. The library as physical space for contemplation and scholarship experiences thousands of visits every week. As the most public space on campus--open the longest hours--the library building serves as preferred group study and gathering spot during the week.

Resources for students and the community have been chosen to support scholarship, encourage faith, and increase the joy of recreational reading. Consortial agreements ensure that Southwestern’s students and faculty have access to academic libraries across the state, which translates into millions of titles available for interlibrary borrowing.

24/7 availability of electronic resources means that students are able to view journals, books, and films, as well as listen to audio selections anywhere in the world that offers internet. The library’s digital resources record tens of thousands of hits weekly. All disciplines taught at Southwestern are supported by the digital library as well as the physical library.

Formal research instruction and individual research consultations are offered throughout the week for students and community groups. Students make extensive use of the librarians as research mentors.

The Adventist Heritage Center collections give our community unparalleled opportunity for research in primary sources related to early Adventist history, institutional history, and local history. The Ellen White – SDA Research Center, a collection within the Adventist Heritage Center that is on long-term loan to Southwestern, houses copies of the unpublished manuscripts authored by Ellen White and research material prepared by the White Estate. Special access provisions grant our students and community the ability to use this faith-building group of documents.


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