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Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016 PDF

Special Programs

CORE Enrichment

Students who wish to enroll at Southwestern, but fail to meet one of the two minimum admission requirements (GPA or SAT/ACT) must participate in CORE Enrichment.  Learning takes place in a three-week session prior to the beginning of the freshman year and provides developmental learning support in the areas of math, reading, and writing.  At the end of the session, student progress will be assessed and students will receive new course placements for Fall Semester.  Students attending CORE Enrichment receive one credit hour that will apply toward the requirements for a degree.

The Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA) supports the work of the faculty academic advisors with CORE Enrichment students.  Students in this program may have reduced course loads, restrictions on extra-curricular activities, and required dormitory residency.  CASA schedules regular academic counseling sessions for each student in the program to make sure that she/he is benefiting from mathematics tutoring, the Write Spot writing center, career counseling, and other programs provided by the University to enhance academic success.


Adventist Colleges Abroad

Through Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), qualifying Southwestern students may elect to take a year out of their curriculum to become immersed in a foreign culture and learn a foreign language. Applicants for this program need not be language majors. A current list of ACA summer and full-year programs and admission requirements can be found at

Student Missions Program

Following the call of Matthew 28 to go into all the world, the Student Missions Program is a chance for students to experience being a student missionary or Taskforce worker for 9-12 months.

The benefits of going as a student missionary or Taskforce worker include improving your Christian walk, travel, learning about a new culture and language, new friends, scholarships, and strengthening personal resumes. Check out for more information.


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