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Costs (Click for more info)

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Payment Plans (Click for more info)

Southwestern offers three payment plans for fall and spring semesters to help students manage their university expenses. Classes taken during the summer require full payment at the time of registration for each module.

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Refunds (Click for more info)

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Financial Aid (Click for more info)

To receive federal or state aid, a student must meet certain eligibility requirements.  Some of the basic requirements include U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency; high school diploma, GED, 60+ transferable college credits, or home school certification; and academic standards.

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Student Employment

Southwestern Adventist University is committed to providing a campus job to any student taking six or more credit hours. Students apply for a job by going directly to the department for which they wish to work, or by contacting the Student Employment Office. Many campus jobs will require that the student arrange a class schedule that will allow them to work all morning or all afternoon each weekday.  Campus employment requires completion of the Federal I-9 form once the student has made arrangements with a department to work.  The I-9 form MUST be turned in before the student can begin working.  A student should be prepared to show documentation of identity and employment authorization.  Original documents are mandatory, copies will not be accepted.  Students will submit I-9 documentation to Campus Service.

Departments that hire students include:

  • Academic Departments
  • Administrative offices
  • Building maintenance
  • Cafeteria
  • Custodial
  • E.G. White Research Center
  • Grounds
  • KGSW Channel 18.1
  • Laboratories
  • Library
  • Media services
  • Radio Station 88.3
  • Residence Halls
  • Security
  • Switchboard

Other options may be available through the Campus Services Office located next to the Student Center. You may reach this office by calling (817) 202-6240, during office hours.

Students who have a balance on their school bill can receive up to 20% of their paycheck.  Students receive their school compensation through direct deposit at regularly scheduled payroll periods processed by the Business Office at regularly scheduled payroll periods.  All students must submit their direct deposit information on Portal before they begin working.

Tuition Discounts (Click for more info)

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Scholarships (Click for more info)

Scholarships are divided and distributed equally over the fall and winter semesters and are not applicable for summer sessions.

Southwestern scholarships, subsidies and awards cannot exceed costs for tuition (for 12-17 hours) technology and student association fees.

Scholarships listed here are available for full-time students taking 12 or more hours each semester at Southwestern's campus.

Southwestern reserves the right to change or amend any of the scholarship policies at any time.

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Endowment Scholarships

To give formal and public recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement, loyalty to university standards, and exemplary citizenship, the University awards named scholarships each year.  Recipients are selected based on criteria established by the scholarship donors. 

The University is grateful to the donors who support Southwestern students by establishing these endowed scholarships. Those interested in creating a named scholarship may contact the Office of University Advancement.

  • Class of '93 Senior Scholarship
  • Frank H. Abel Scholarship
  • Alumni Honoree Scholarship
  • Marvin & Dee Anderson Scholarship
  • Victor Baca Scholarship
  • Isaac Baker Scholarship
  • Norma P. Bartolome Scholarship
  • Nathan L. Beebe Scholarship
  • Thelma Beem Scholarship
  • Jessie Casey Belz Scholarship
  • Irene Black Scholarship
  • Mardian J. Blair Scholarship
  • Board of Trustees Scholarship
  • Frances Draper Brennan Scholarship
  • Edward & Sylvia Brickman Scholarship
  • Raleigh & Edith Burchfield Scholarship
  • John & Remy R. Cabansag Scholarship
  • T.A. Jack Casey Scholarship
  • Frances I. Clark Scholarship
  • Jimmie C. Culpepper Scholarship
  • John & Joan Curnow Student Missionary Scholarship
  • Dino Dig Field Research Scholarship
  • Clarence W. Dortch Scholarship
  • Judson N. Durrant Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Edwards-Wiest Scholarship
  • Eli Fund
  • El Jean Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurship Award
  • Joseph & Dina Espinosa Scholarship
  • Sadie Goodwin-Richardson Scholarship
  • Lessie Culpepper Hagen Scholarship
  • Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder Scholarship
  • Orville Lee & Laura Judge Hayes Scholarship
  • Alvin C. Heinrich Scholarship
  • Dale Heinrich Music Scholarship
  • Cecil & Mary Ellen Hopps Scholarship
  • James K. Hopps Scholarship
  • Claude Hughes Student Help Scholarship
  • Victorine Zaidan Kafrouni Scholarship
  • Ishak Hanna Kafrouni Memorial Scholarship
  • Cecil E. Lambeth Scholarship
  • Elder George E. & Pearl Leffler Scholarship
  • George E. Leffler Theology Scholarship
  • Florence Lemke Nursing Scholarship
  • George Mathews Scholarship
  • Daniel & Ruth McAdams Scholarship
  • Jason Mickley Scholarship
  • Raymon & Zora Jean McMullen Scholarship
  • Cyril & Marian Miller Scholarship Funds
  • Fred B. & Blanche Gilbert Moore Scholarship
  • Peggy A. Norris Memorial Scholarship
  • Sheree Parris Nudd Communication
  • Odyssey Harbor Scholarship
  • Shirley Pinterich Scholarship
  • Charles Popejoy Memorial Scholarship
  • Bruce Prindle Scholarship
  • Ed & Janelle Reifsnyder Scholarship
  • V.L. & Alga Robers Scholarship
  • Herbert & Irene Roth Scholarship
  • Alma Saylor Sandefur Scholarship*
  • Carol Sample and Ben R. Condray Scholarship
  • Cree & Mildred Sandefur Scholarship
  • School of the Prophets Scholarship
  • E. Frank & Joy Hargrove Sherrill Scholarship
  • Sicher Family Scholarship
  • Villa Gillis Sierk Scholarship
  • Marc Simpson Memorial Scholarship
  • Eugene Sorensen Scholarship
  • Spells Family Scholarship
  • Wes Stoops Scholarship
  • Southwestern Union Scholarship
  • Student Association Presidents Scholarship for Leadership
  • Grace E. and Eugene V. Thomsen Memorial Honors Scholarship
  • Dudley & Reta Kent Tomblinson Scholarship
  • Trixie Pearl Scholarship
  • Herman & Birdie Walker Scholarship
  • Wallen Knight Scholarship
  • Weis Heritage Scholarship
  • William V. Wiist Scholarship
  • Brandon Michael Williams Scholarship
  • P. Harlan & Jean Wilson Scholarship
  • Paul L. & Dorothea A. Wilson Scholarship
  • George W. & Mary A. Winn Scholarship
  • Wisdom Nursing Scholarship
  • Ernest & Vera Wolfe Scholarship
  • Harold L. Wright Scholarship
  • Perfil & Pauline Zapara Scholarship

* Scholarships for which students must apply.


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