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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Tuition, Room & Board Costs

Full-Time Student Package

  Semester Year  
Tuition (12-17 credit hours) $ 10,056 $20,112  
SA Fee 110 220  
Technology Fee 200 400  
Total Tuition and Fees:

$ 10,366


Residence hall room 1,850 3,700  

Credit Hour Charge

Courses taken below the 12-17 hour package will be charged at $838 per credit hour.  Courses taken above the 12-17 hour package will be charged at $629 per credit.

Meal Plan Choices (required for resident hall students)

Meal Plan

  • $1,900 (per semester - includes $125 for the Rusty Bucket*)

This meal plan is required for undergraduate students under the age of 22 who have 89 or less cumulative credit hours on their Southwestern transcript.  This plan is for unlimited access to the cafeteria seven days per week.

Meal Plan 22

  • $1,100 (per semester)

Undergraduate students who are 22 years of age or older, seniors (90+credit hours), or off-campus students may select either the regular Meal Plan or Meal Plan 22.   Meal Plan 22 is not unlimited access.  The student is charged by the meal for each entry to the cafeteria with a $50 per day limit, until the $1,100 is used.  A portion of this plan is used up each week regardless of entry into the cafeteria.  Any portion of the $1,100 may be spent in the Rusty Bucket*.

*The Rusty Bucket offers a variety of hot meals and made-to-order sandwiches as well as breakfast items, smoothies, snacks and beverages.

Please note these guidelines before selecting a meal plan:

1.      A processing fee will be assessed for any changes to meal plans after the close of registration.

2.      Refunds are on pro-rata basis only when withdrawing from school or moving from the residence hall.

3.      Meal plans may not be shared with other students or guests.

Student Package includes:

  • Tuition for a 12-17 hour class load 
  • Cap and gown for graduation
  • Diploma
  • *A room in one of the residence halls beginning the Sunday of the week classes begin
  • *Meals at the cafeteria
    • Fall Semester - beginning with the Sunday evening meal the week classes begin
    • Spring Semester - beginning with the Sunday evening meal the week classes begin
    • Reduced hours during Thanksgiving and Spring break 
    • The cafeteria website will show the holiday and inclement weather day schedules.
  • Use of the following:
    • Library
    • Computer Laboratories
    • Science Laboratories
    • Athletic Facilities
    • Student Center
    • Counseling Services

* These items are included in the Residence Hall Student Package only.

Summer School

Residence halls charge a weekly rate and the cafeteria charges for each meal.


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