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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Other Tuition and Fees

Audit Tuition

Tuition to audit a course is $100 per credit hour, unless it is part of the tuition package.  The SA fee and technology fee will be waived, but course and lab fees that are part of an audited class are not waived for audit-only students.  Audit-only students will not have access to university services. Some courses are not available for audit.

Consortium Agreement

Under a consortium Southwestern gives credit for courses taken at the other schools on the same basis as if it provided the training itself.  The Consortium Agreement is initiated by the student and approved by both institutions.  Students will be charged an administrative fee of $100 for this process.

Distance Education Program

Distance Education Program tuition is $670 per credit hour. There are no payment plans for this program. All charges must be covered at the time of registration through aid, credit/debit card and/or cash.  Distance Education Prior Learning Assessment recording fee is $75 per course.   Additional information about the Distance Education Program can be found on page 67.  Because this is a discounted program, no Southwestern scholarships are available to students in this program.

ESL Orientation Fee

A fee of $150 will be assessed for this orientation.

Education Program Fees

Any student seeking Secondary Certification in Education or a major in Education will be charged a $100 Program Fee each semester.

Freshman Orientation Fee

Attendance at Freshman Orientation is required of all freshmen students.  A fee of $300 will be assessed for this orientation.

Course Fees

  • Art Class supply fee - $40
  • ACSM Personal Training Certification - $220
  • Advanced Video Production  - $150
  • Athletic/SWAT Fee - $50
  • Audio Production lab fee - $150
  • Business Policies and Strategies - $110
  • Each Biology lab course fee - $40
  • Each Biology course that includes a 4-day field lab - $140
  • Each Chemistry lab course fee - $40
  • Film Production supply fee - $150
  • FIRS/FIRT/EMSP course fee - $25
  • Golf course fee - $100
  • Independent class fee - $100 per credit hour
  • Lifeguard Training Fee - $80
  • Media Techniques supply fee - $150
  • Music Ensemble fee - $50
  • Photo and Graphic editing lab fee - $150
  • Photography lab fee - $150
  • Photojournalism lab fee - $150
  • Principles of Marketing fee - $30
  • Video Production lab fee - $150
  • Visual Communication supply fee - $150

Examination Fees

  • Challenge, waiver, and validation preparation fee -$85
  • CLEP and challenge examination recording fee - $25
  • Michigan Test of English Proficiency - $25
  • Fees for exams such as Career, Aptitude, and Personality; CLEP; Michigan Test of English Proficiency; and SAT or   ACT vary by exam.  These fees must be paid in advance of taking the exam.  Special examinations may also carry a preparation and recording fee.

General Fees

Student Association Fee- $110 each semester is required of all undergraduate students.

Technology Fee- $200 each semester is required of all students.


Fees are non-refundable after close of registration.

Graduation Program

Graduate Program tuition is $838 per credit  hour. Graduate hours are charged separately from the undergraduate tuition package. For further information about the graduate programs and available scholarships, please refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science students will be charged an administrative fee of $100 per semester during their clinical year.  Check with the advisor regarding tuition and fees.  Southwestern scholarships are not available for the clinical year during which the courses are taken at another institution.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are approximately $400 per semester above the cost of tuition (based on a minimum of ten half-hour lessons).  There are no refunds after the second week of the semester.

Nursing Tuition Surcharge/Program Admission Fee

A $500 non-refundable nursing subject fee is assessed at the time of acceptance to the Nursing Program.

A $300 tuition surcharge is assessed for each clinical nursing course.

A $50 Drug Testing Fee is assessed to all incoming Nursing Students.

Psychology Program Fees

Psychology majors will be charged a $50 Program Fee each semester.

Psychology, emphasis School Guidance majors will be charged a $100 Program Fee each semester.

Senior Citizens

The tuition rate for senior citizens (65+) is $100 per semester hour for courses taken for audit or credit. This does not apply to the distance education, nursing classes or discounted programs.  There must be space available in the class.

Study Abroad Program

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) students must submit a non-refundable $100 application fee for the academic year study abroad program. There is a $30 application fee for the summer program.

Students who study abroad through a college or university that is not affiliated with Adventist Colleges Abroad will be charged an administrative fee of $100 per semester.

Summer Program

  • Summer school tuition for on-campus courses is 75% of regular tuition.
  • On-line courses are charged at 80% of regular tuition.
  • Graduate classes are $838 per credit hour.
  • GEOL 240 The Dinosaur field course is $420 per credit hour.
  • HNRS 275 or 375 The Honors Study Tour is $420 per credit hour.
  • Summer Bridge Program $400
  • BIOL 225 Field Biology is $420 per credit hour.
  • BIOL 325 Field Ecology is $420 per credit hour.

Student Missionary/Task Force Program Charges

Students who spend one year of their education as a student missionary or task force worker will be enrolled in 12 credit hours each semester. By this the University recognizes the legitimate full-time educational value of this experience. Six of these credit hours will count as elective credit toward graduation, while six will be non-credit hours. The student will be charged $300 tuition each semester for a total of $600 for the academic year.  An application/processing fee of $150 is charged at the time of application.


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