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Scholarships are divided and distributed equally over the fall and winter semesters and are not applicable for summer sessions.

Southwestern scholarships, subsidies and awards cannot exceed costs for tuition (for 12-17 hours) technology and student association fees.

Scholarships listed here are available for full-time students taking 12 or more hours each semester at Southwestern's campus.

Southwestern reserves the right to change or amend any of the scholarship policies at any time.

Merit Scholarships (Click for more info)

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General Scholarships (Click for more info)

Scholarships in this section have specific eligibility criteria as indicated below. Some of these scholarships require enrollment of at least 12 credit hours for the semester, others will be adjusted for less than full-time study. The combination of scholarships, grants, subsidies and Southwestern discounts cannot exceed charges. Southwestern does not pay its scholarships in cash to the student. Southwestern encourages students and parents to search for scholarships through local service clubs or employers. Scholarship sources can also be found by searching the Internet.

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Working Policy

For clarification of the working policy for any items in the Finance Section of the Bulletin, contact the Assistant Financial Vice President for Student Financial Services.


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