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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

General Scholarships

Scholarships in this section have specific eligibility criteria as indicated below. Some of these scholarships require enrollment of at least 12 credit hours for the semester, others will be adjusted for less than full-time study. The combination of scholarships, grants, subsidies and Southwestern discounts cannot exceed charges. Southwestern does not pay its scholarships in cash to the student. Southwestern encourages students and parents to search for scholarships through local service clubs or employers. Scholarship sources can also be found by searching the Internet.

Family Discounts

Three or more students from the same family, each taking at least 12 hours of coursework, will receive a 10% discount on tuition.  Two students from the same family, each taking at least 12 hours, will receive a 5% discount on tuition.  When students marry, they are no longer eligible for this special discount as a member of their parent's household. Married couples, taking at least 12 hours of coursework each, may receive the 5% discount on tuition. This discount does not apply to PBS or discounted programs.

Music Scholarships

Festival Performance Scholarship

Students must audition as part of the Southwestern Music Festival.  A number of students are chosen as finalists from the auditions.  The selected scholarship finalists will perform at the Festival Showcase Concert on the eve of the festival.  Scholarship is based on level of performance.

Music Department Scholarship

Students must pass an audition with a member of the Music Faculty.  The student's level of performance and commitment to the ensembles and recital series will determine whether an award is given.

Student Missionary & Task Force Worker Scholarships

Southwestern awards scholarships to students who successfully complete a full term of service no shorter than 8 months in an approved student missionary or task force program. These awards are evenly divided over the two semesters of the school year immediately following the return of the student missionary or task force worker. Student Missionary $1,200 and Taskforce $1,200.

Summer Ministries Scholarships

Southwestern students who work between school years in a summer ministries program (such as at a summer camp or as a literature evangelist) will receive a scholarship worth 75% of whatever portion of their net earnings they apply to their account, up to $2,000. The student's earnings are applied to the fall semester and the Southwestern match is applied to the spring semester. If the student does not return for the second semester, this scholarship is forfeited. To receive the full scholarship, a student must be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours in the semester. This scholarship will be awarded only in the academic year immediately following the summer work.  This scholarship is not available to students taking Distance Education classes or students receiving the PBS or ESL discount.

Summer Work Scholarship

Students who pay rent for campus housing during the summer,  work a certain number of hours at a campus job, and place at least 80% of their earnings on their student account, may be eligible for a scholarship the following year. Applications are available at Student Financial Services.


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