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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Academic Policies

The academic policies of the University described in the Academics section of this Bulletin apply to students in Distance Education (DE) programs. Since most DE students have additional responsibilities of employment and family, a normal course load is considered to be two courses per term (6-8 credits). Students may take up to 16 credits per term without petitioning for an overload. Petitions for an overload are filed with the Distance Education office and approved by the Academic Standards and Practices Committee.

A student may realize early in the semester that he or she cannot complete a course in a timely manner. The policy for withdrawing from a course is described on page 39 of this Bulletin. Students wishing to drop a course need to notify the Distance Education office prior to the last day to withdraw from a class. This date is listed in the Academic Calendar on page 1 of this Bulletin. The Distance Education office will regularly inform students of the dates for dropping a class. Refunds to students withdrawing from a course are described in the Finances section of this Bulletin. Students will be informed of the eligible refund at the time they request a withdrawal from a course. Withdrawing from a class may also affect financial aid eligibility. The student should check with the Distance Education office to understand the financial impact of reducing course enrollment.

It is expected that students will complete all academic work for a course during the dates designated for the semester of registration. The policy on Incomplete Grades is in the Academics section of this Bulletin. After first seeking the approval of the instructor, the student files a request with the Distance Education office for an incomplete grade and an extension of time to complete the requirements of the course. The Distance Education office will review the request and forward it to the Vice President for Academic Administration for official action. Incomplete grades may adversely affect the assessment of satisfactory academic progress used to determine eligibility for continuing financial aid.


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