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Michael Agee, Chair;  Kyle Portbury, Glen Robinson

Adjunct: Chris Combest, David Pollock, Landi Whitefield, John Williams


The mission of Southwestern Adventist University's Department of Communication is to prepare students to be effective Christian communicators.  This includes developing skills in personal interaction, writing, speaking, creating media content, and managing the elements of communication technology.  In addition, knowledge comes from learning about new forms of convergence and interaction in the areas of radio, television, film, journalism, advertising, public relations, and the Internet.

Aims of the Department

The aims of Southwestern Adventist University's Department of Communication are to:

  • Develop in students the essential skills necessary to enter careers in the communication field of their choice or to enter graduate school.
  • Prepare students for executive responsibilities at some point in their careers.
  • Establish a connection between communication and a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Instill in students a desire for long-term growth in communication.

Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of coursework within the Communication Department, majors should be able to:

  • Describe the Communication discipline and its central questions
  • Employ Communication theories, perspectives, principles, and concepts
  • Create messages appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context
  • Critically analyze messages
  • Demonstrate the ability to accomplish communicative goals, while applying ethical communication principles and practices

Facilities and Internships

Communication majors at Southwestern Adventist University choose one of the department's three emphasis areas of study: Advertising & Public Relations (ADPR), Journalism (JOUR), or Radio-TV-Film (RTVF).  The department also offers minors in each emphasis, as well as Communication and Speech.  Many communication students acquire valuable training and experience at the following facilities on the campus:

  • 88.3 The Journey, KJRN
  • The Studios at Southwestern and KGSW TV 18.1
  • The Communication Mac Lab

Our Communication Department encourages all upper division majors to complete an off-campus internship in their major emphasis. Even before graduation, and sometimes as a direct result of communication internship positions, many of our majors are hired by these firms, and communication alumni from Southwestern who have continued their education through graduate school have done so very successfully.

Department Policies (Click for more info)

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Programs (Click for more info)

B.A. in Communication

  • Advertising and PR emphasis
  • Journalism emphasis
  • Radio-TV-Film emphasis

B.S. in Communication

  • Advertising and PR emphasis
  • Journalism emphasis
  • Radio-TV-Film emphasis

Minors in Advertising and PR, Communication, Journalism, Radio-TV-Film, and Speech.

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Communication Courses (Click for more info)

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