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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Teaching Certification Program

The following English major and minors are for teaching certification only. Requirements for certification are listed in the Education section of this Bulletin.

You must make formal application for admittance to the Teacher Education Program. Applications are available at the Education Department office.

English, B.A. - Secondary Teaching Area

The student must meet the requirements for a B.A. degree in English.

English Minor - Secondary Certification

ENGL 221   World Masterpieces I or  
ENGL 222 World Masterpieces II 3
ENGL 224 Survey of English Literature               3
ENGL 231 American Literature I 3
ENGL 342 Composition  Theory and Practice 3
ENGL 464 Advanced Grammar 3
ENGL Electives 9

Four courses selected from the following:

ENGL 451  Studies in Renaissance Literature     3
ENGL 452 Studies in 17th Century Literature  3
ENGL 453 Studies in 18th Century Literature  3
ENGL 454 Studies in Medieval Literature 3
ENGL 455 Studies in Romantic Literature 3
ENGL 456 Studies in Victorian Literature 3
ENGL 457 Studies in 20th Century Literature 3
ENGL 459 The American Classics 3
  Total: 24


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