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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

English as a Second Language


Monica Kowarsch Gonzalez, Program Director

Adjunct: Jayne Doneskey

Aims of the Program

Intensive English Language courses are designed to immerse limited English proficient (LEP) students in the English language. These remedial ESL classes will help the student develop the language and language-related skills necessary to progress in the university program. These classes cover phonetics, syntax, aural comprehension, speech, reading, vocabulary and writing skills. Classes and laboratories are taught in English for four to six hours a day, according to the individual student's needs. Students will also have opportunities to visit various tourist attractions in Texas to extend their language learning beyond school and gain valuable experience in cultural and social aspects. Twelve hours of 100 level ESL classes may apply to a Bachelor's Degree and six hours may apply to an Associate Degree.


Non-degree seeking ESL students may enter the ESL program without academic transcripts.  (See Admissions p. 10).  Students must meet all admission requirements for enrollment at Southwestern Adventist University.

Students taking ESL classes will take the Michigan Placement Test to determine the level of ESL classes best suited to their level of English proficiency. Students will then be advised on the courses they should take. In order to progress to another level, students must pass all of the ESL courses in their current level and obtain a score on the placement test between 48-74 points to enter level 2 or between 75-100 to enter level 3. Students may also take university courses along with Level 3 ESL courses as part of the tuition package if they have taken the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency and the results show they have the proficiency necessary to succeed in selected courses. Students in Level 3 are encouraged to take UNIV 110 along with ESL courses.

For academic advising, the results of the ESL course work will be evaluated along with the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency.

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