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Devon Howard, Chair; Jonathan Wall

Adjunct: Dorla Aparicio, Scott Campbell, Oscar Garcia, Margaret Griffith, Donna Hall, Jeff Hall, Marcin Parys, Brigitte Reinke, Dan Totan, Ron Wilson

Aims of The Department

The students will develop the skills of listening, hearing, and identifying the elements of music.

The students will develop an understanding through music theory of the foundation of music and apply analytical skills to enrich performance.

The students will gain knowledge and understanding of music history and musical styles.

The students will be able to apply knowledge of musical styles and performance traditions to their repertoire.

The students will develop skills of technical presentation which will allow them to apply their knowledge of styles in a sensitive performance, both in solo and in ensemble work.

The students will learn methods and principles of music pedagogy.

Programs (Click for more info)

  • Music, B.A.
  • Music Education, B.M.E.
  • Bachelor of Music, B.MUS
  • Minor in Music
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Entrance Requirements

Incoming students in the Music Degree programs will be examined in two areas: practical piano skills and performance.

  1. All incoming Majors and Minors must audition for the music faculty during the first week of their first semester in residence. There are three results to the incoming auditions: Admittance into the Dept of Music as a major or minor, Provisional Status (in which the student must take lessons and re-audition the following semester) and No Admittance.

  2. A functional piano performance exam will be given to all incoming music majors. The details of the exam are given in the Piano Proficiency Folder and available upon request to any current or prospective student. If students are unable to pass the exam they are required to take piano lessons (MUPF 151)  starting no later than the second semester in residence.  Modification to the piano performance exam can be made in the event of physical handicap.

  3. Success in Music Theory I (MUCT 111) requires basic background knowledge of music theory.  Incoming students with theory deficiencies are encouraged to study during the previous summer.  The fundamentals of music may be learned online or through self-guided texts or software.  Contact the Southwestern Adventist University music department for further information.

General Requirements for Music Majors

The guidelines found here are not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive.  Students should consult the Music Major Handbook which is available from the Music Department.  Other than required courses which are found in the bulletin degree descriptions, the Music Major Handbook contains the policies by which the department is operated.

  1. Ensembles:  The music majors and minors are required to take a major ensemble each semester in residence.  The major ensembles are the Wind Symphony or Orchestra for instrumentalists and both University Singers and Mizpah Choraliers for singers.  Keyboard majors may choose according to their talents and interests.
  2. Recitals:  The music majors and minors are required to be active members of Southwestern's Recital series each semester in residence.  The students participation in the recitals will be contingent on their performance for the required masterclasses that preceed each recital.
  3. Music Juries:  The music majors will perform each semester for the fulltime music faculty.  If their major performance professor is an adjunct teacher, that teacher will be included.  A poor jury (Applied Music Examination) performance may result in the student being placed on probationary status as a music major or minor.  Regular improvement is expected.
  4. Practice:  Majors will practice 150 hours per semester, while minors will practice 75 hours per semester in their major performance area. Weekly practice sheets detailing each practice are to be filled out and turned in at the beginning of each lesson.
  5. Continuing status:  A student's acceptance into and official continuation in the music program is contingent upon the student's satisfactory academic and performance progress.  A letter from the chair, written in advisement with the major's performance teacher, will be placed in the student's file at the end of each school year, encouraging and/or noting areas needing improvement. 
  6. Senior recital:  All music majors will perform a senior recital.  This is normally given in the final semester of residence.  A pre-senior recital, performed before the music faculty at least three weeks before the senior recital, is required. Music minors are encouraged to perform either a senior recital or joint recital at the discretion of their major instructor.
  7.  Recital attendance:  Music majors and minors will attend all faculty, general student, guest and senior recitals.  These dates will all be posted by the second week of the semester. 
  8.  Off-campus recitals:  The music major should plan to attend at least two approved off-campus recitals each semester, minors are required to attend one.  

Private lessons:  The music majors and minors will take lessons from one of the teachers at Southwestern Adventist University or one provided by the school. If lessons are taken from non members of the Southwestern teaching faculty without permission, this will be considered grounds for dismissal from the program.

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MUSC 492 - Music Internship

1-3 hours

Permission of department chair

An on-the-job, career-oriented internship program for advanced training in the following areas: conducting, accompanying, church music, school music, professional music (such as concert hall, orchestra, symphonic chorus), and private studio. The internship is limited to those students who are in their senior year of study. May be repeated for a total of 3 credits.  Eligible for IP grading.


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