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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Music Performance

MUPF - Applied Music

1 hour

Prerequisite for 300/400 level courses: 2 semester credit at 100/200 level in the same performance area.

Private instruction with major teacher in piano, voice, organ, brass woodwinds, percussion, and strings are to be taken on a weekly basis. (Fall, Spring)

Organ lessons with instructor's permission.

MUPF 111/211 MUPF 311/411 Strings
MUPF 131/231 MUPF 331/431 Voice*
MUPF 141/241 MUPF 341/441 Brass
MUPF 151/251 MUPF 351/451 Piano
MUPF 161/261 MUPF 361/461 Organ
MUPF 171/271 MUPF 371/471 Woodwinds
MUPF 182/282 MUPF 382/482 Percussion
MUPF 191/291 MUPF 391/491 Guitar
MUPF 200   Recital Attendance


MUPF 468 - Senior Recital

The final semester of applied music lessons for the music major, culminating in the senior recital. Instrumental students will perform in Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and 20th Century styles.  Singers will perform in a minimum of three languages. Pass/fail, 0 credits (Fall, Spring)


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