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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Historical Courses

RELH 230 - History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

3 hours

A historical study of the Adventist awakening of the 19th century and the subsequent rise, growth, and worldwide expansion of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Special attention is given to the role of Ellen G. White in the growing church. (Fall, Spring)

RELH 233 - Biblical Archaeology

3 hours

A study of the history of archaeology, recent achievements, and archaeological method. (Spring)

RELH 314 - Origin and Development of the Bible

3 hours

A study of the history and development of the written material and canon of Scripture, covering the Old Testament, intertestamental literature, and the New Testament. It also reviews the development of the English Bible and evaluates different translations. (Fall)

RELH 320 - Ellen White Writings

3 hours

A course designed to give experience and guidelines in the study of the writings of Ellen G. White. The four major foci of the course are the historical context of the life of Ellen White, the development of her major literary works, the themes that tie her writings together across time, and principles for sound interpretation and current application of her writings. (Spring)

RELH 331, 332 - History of Christianity I, II

3, 3 hours

A study of the rise and impact of Christianity in the Roman world and western culture. Attention is given to theological and social movements, the influence of Islam, the crusades, expansionism, and religious adaptation to modern life. The second semester traces development from the Reformation through the growth of American religion. (Also taught as HIST 331, 332) (RELH 331 Fall, RELH 332 Spring, or both Spring)


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