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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Biblical Language Courses

RELL 240, 241 - New Testament Greek I, II

5, 4 hours

An introductory study of the elements of New Testament Greek. Emphasis on the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary. Translation from selected NT passages. One semester may be applied toward general education religion requirements. (RELL 240 Fall, RELL 241 Spring)

RELL 340 - Intermediate New Testament Greek

3 hours

Continued reading in the Greek New Testament with emphasis on grammar and syntax, with interpretive translation of selected portions of the New Testament. (Summer)  Includes preparation for the Seminary Greek exam.

RELL 343, 344 - Biblical Hebrew I, II

3, 3 hours

An introductory course in the elements of Biblical Hebrew with emphasis on basic grammar and a working vocabulary. The second semester will include grammar review, but will focus on translation from selected Old Testament passages. Includes preparation for the Seminary Hebrew exam. (RELL 343 Fall, RELL 344 Spring)


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