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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Practical Courses

RELP 210 - Introduction to Missions

1 hour

Required for all student missionaries prior to service abroad. An introduction to issues and ideas in missions. Examines cultures and religions from the perspective of the national and the student missionary. (Spring)

RELP 220 - Christian Witnessing

3 hours

A study of the biblical principles of the art and technique of personal evangelism. The student is taught to use the Scriptures effectively, to prepare and give specific Bible studies, to meet objections, and to gain decisions for Christ. (Fall, Spring)

RELP 271 - Ministries Internship

1-3 hours

This course allows the student to earn credit through professionally directed mission, evangelistic, colporteur or youth camp programs. Arrangements must be made with the instructor prior to starting the internship and supervision will take place at the location of the internship. Credit earned will be elective only and will not apply to the general education religion requirement or toward a major or minor. Grading is on a pass/fail basis. May be repeated for a total of 3 hours.

RELP 285 - Church Ministry (Distance Education Program)

3 hours

This course will introduce the student to various aspects of church ministry and church life.  Students will be instructed in such areas as biblical ecclesiology; church organization and governance; distribution of funds; and the purpose and development of spiritual as well as social activities.  This class is offered on-line and does not apply toward the requirements of a Theology major or Religion minor.

RELP 323, 324 - Homiletics I, II

3, 3 hours

Prerequisite: COMM 111

A study of the basic concepts of biblical preaching and sermon preparation, including persuasion, human responses, the art of illustration and effective structure.  The second semester features actual practice in preparation and delivery in various church settings.  (RELP 323 Fall, RELP 324 Spring)

RELP 420 - Pastoral Practicum

1 hour

Prerequisite: RELP 323, 324 completed or taken concurrently

Supervised field work in area churches as coordinated by the department. Designed to give practical experience in a wide variety of pastoral situations. May be repeated once for credit upon approval of the religion faculty. (Fall, Spring)

RELP 423, 424 - Pastoral Ministry l, ll

3, 3 hours

Prerequisites: PSYC 212, RELP 425

This class is designed for senior ministerial students. It covers applied studies in church ministry, like pastoral leadership, care, visitation, counseling, and church administration with special attention to organization and finances.  The course will be enriched by visits of specialists.  This course also requires students to take the Seminary's Church Policy exam  a pre-requisite for admission in the M.Div. program.  Its successful completion is valid for two years.  (RELP 423 Fall, RELP 424 Spring)

RELP 425 - Field Evangelism

3 hours

Prerequisite: RELP 220

This course provides classroom instruction and practical involvement in a main evangelistic crusade led by a successful professional evangelist. The evangelist's meetings are followed by the students' own three-week series in churches selected by the hosting Conference.  All facets of the course are taught in the city where the series is conducted. Taught on an arranged basis. (Summer)

RELP 427 - Hospital Ministry

1 hour

Prerequisite: Admission to junior or senior-level standing.

This course provides opportunity for students to develop professional ministry skills in the particular field of institutional health care. Concentration of communication, assessment, collaboration with health care professionals, and exploration of personal and professional identity is particularly emphasized.  (Spring)


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