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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Theological Courses

RELT 101 - Christian Beliefs

3 hours

A study of the basic concepts of Christian faith and practice with emphasis on fundamental doctrines held by Seventh-day Adventists. (Fall, Spring)

RELT 201 - Bible Study Methods

3 hours

This course will teach students various strategies in studying and teaching the Bible. Students will learn different study methods like the thematic, biographical, and word study as well as creating learning environments and developing lessons using a model of teaching repertoire. This class is required for Seventh-day Adventist Denominational Certification and includes Encounter training for NAD teachers seeking re-certification requirements. (Fall)

RELT 207 - Research in Religion

1 hour

Prerequisite: CSIS 102, ENGL 121

An introduction to the research methods, documentation styles, and writing skills used in religious studies. Students will engage in critical thinking by utilizing and evaluating primary and secondary sources (including journals, indexes, and databases) to produce a book review, a research paper, and a professional presentation that involves public communication of the research process, evaluation of discipline-specific trends and resources, and the responsible and effective use of technology. Within this course, religion/theology majors begin the process of senior portfolio development. (Spring)

RELT 212 - Christian Ethics

3 hours

An introduction to the theory and practice of Christian morality; its biblical origins, norms, and sources of authority, including Christian approaches to basic issues such as decision-making, church-world relations, abortion, reproduction technology, euthanasia, marriage and divorce, and methods of social change. (Fall)

RELT 360 - Philosophy and the Christian Worldview

3 hours

An introduction to philosophy from a biblical perspective and toward the formation of a Christian worldview.  This course addresses the major questions of life such as: What is real?  What is true?  Who is God?  Who am I?  Why evil?  Philosophical answers to these questions will be critically engaged from the standpoint of a distinctively biblical worldview.  Attention is given to analytical tools for evaluating the truth of ideas and understanding the nature of existence and reality within the context of mature faith.  (Fall)

RELT 405 - Biblical Theology

3 hours

Prerequisite:  RELT 101 and at least one of the following: RELB 315, 316, 339, 340

This course consists of the study of several selected topics approached from a biblical perspective, which may include topics such as biblical inspiration and interpretation, the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of Salvation, the doctrine of the Church, eschatology, and the doctrine of the sanctuary.  These studies focus upon the contributions of several biblical writers to each doctrinal issue.  Some attention is also given to the way in which selected writers have handled the teological issues and biblical material.  (Fall)              

RELT 419 - Philosophy of Science

3 hours

A study of the philosophies and methodologies of science.  Includes a review of the history of scientific and religious thought and the role each has played in the development of modern theories of origin.  (Also taught as BIOL 419 or GEOL 419.)  (Spring)


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