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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Admission of Non-Degree Students

Special permission to register is extended to a variety of students wishing to take classes at the University. Academic transcripts are not required.  Tuition and fee charges for these students are provided in the financial section of this Bulletin.

Non-degree students desiring to change to degree status must apply and meet all regular admission requirements.

Audit. Students who plan only to audit a class must submit a Special Student Admission Application and a request for registration.

Individual Distance Learning (IDL).  Students taking on-line courses who do not wish to enroll for a degree program must submit an application and a request for registration.  

High School Students. The University has several programs available to high school students to take University courses on-line, on-campus, or at a Union academy.  Students interested in these programs should contact the Office of Admissions and submit an application and a request for registration.

Teacher Certification. Individuals who need specific courses for certification must submit an application and a request for registration.  Students interested in certification should consult the Department of Education section in this Bulletin.

Transient. Students enrolled at another college or university who wish to take a course must submit an application, a guest letter from their college or university and a request for registration.


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