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Undergraduate Bulletin Supplement 2014-2015 PDF


BIOL 455 - Immunology

3 hours

Prerequisites: BIOL 111, 112, 320

This course presents the basic concepts of the innate and adaptive immune systems including details about molecules, cells and organs involved.  Emphasis will be placed on mechanisms of immune system development and response to pathogens, as well as on the classic experiments performed to make key discoveries in immunology. (Spring)

DENT 201 - Introduction to Dentistry

1 hour

This course introduces students into the field of dentistry and dentistry related disciplines.  Students will learn about dental anatomy and disease, as well as radiology and pharmacology as it relates to dentistry.  Students will become aware of dental specialities such as Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontics and Pedodontics, as well as the responsibilities of those in various ancillary positions in a typical dental practice.  Students will gain practice carving a tooth as well as learn about the management of a dental practice.  A field trip to a local dental office is required.  Pass/no pass course. (Spring)


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