Academic Support Services

Information Services/Technology

Academic Support The Office of Information Technology Services is responsible for providing computer resources, campus network infrastructure, digital and voice telecommunications, standard software licensing, and institutional research to support the academic and administrative functions of the university. The staff installs and maintains servers, off-campus connectivity, administrative computer systems, as well as providing help for faculty, staff, and administrators in addressing their computer-related problems. There is a continual program to upgrade connectivity, external access, hardware and software, and digital resources for classroom use.

The MicroGarden, located in the Chan Shun Library, contains computers for the use of students during library hours. The Computer Teaching Lab, located in Pechero Hall, houses a number of computers that are available for general use when classes are not scheduled in that facility.

Student Services

Students with personal and campus concerns and questions should contact the Dean of Students, whose office is located in the Findley Administration Building. The Vice President for Student Services/Dean of Students' staff practices a student-centered, student-first philosophy of service. The student code of conduct, which is in place for the safety and well being of our university campus community, is enforced by the Vice President for Student Services. The Student Services staff is further involved in student life by sponsoring numerous programs and activities, planning and coordinating new student orientation, providing leadership training and opportunities for student involvement in campus governance.

The Write Spot

Support for writing and writers on campus is the focus of The Write Spot, Southwestern’s writing center. This facility is located in the library, on the first floor, and offers assistance to students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and trained mentors are available for consultations 24 hours a week during the academic year.