Committees Of The Faculty For the Academic Year 2010-2011

First name listed is chair. All University officers are ex-officio members of all committees, standing and ad hoc.

Academic Policies

  • Ben McArthur, John Boyd, Rodney Bussey,  Grace Chi, Jerry Chi, Renard Doneskey, Robert Gardner, Steve Jones, Robert Mendenhall, Suzanne Phillips,  Marcel Sargeant, Ingo Sorke, Daryl Thomas, Cristina Thomsen,  Larry Turner, Andrew Woolley, Student Senate President.

Academic Standards and Practices

  • Robert Gardner, Mark Aldridge, Radhames Lizardo,  Lorena Marin, Suzanne Phillips, Ben McArthur, Marcel Sargeant, Gerald Springer, Karl Wilcox.

Administrative Council

  • Eric Anderson, Tom Bunch, Robert Gardner, Larry Garrett, Keith Gray, Bill Kilgore, David Knight, Chas Lewis, Ben McArthur, Patricia Norwood, Gary Temple, Greg Wicklund.


  • Robert Gardner, John Boyd, Murray Cox, Dorie Cruz, Susan Gardner, Keith Gray, David Knight, Patricia Norwood, Ben McArthur, Ingo Sorke.

Adult Degree

  • Robert Gardner, Jerry Chi, Randy Gilliam,  Ben McArthur, Jorge Rico, student.


  • David Knight, Mark Aldridge, Hoyet Taylor.

Athletic Council

  • Rodney Bussey, Tom Bunch, Murray Cox, Susan Gardner, Chad Hutchinson, David Knight,  James The.

Campus Events and Scheduling

  • Elaine Temple, Bonnie Alegria, Tina Bottsford, Karla Dechavez, Susan Grady, Islem Mattey.


  • Judy Miles, Jean Alway, Murray Cox, Nancy Giraldo, David Knight,  Marcel Sargeant, James The, Janelle Williams.

Distance Education

  • Robert Gardner, Carol Campbell, Michael England,  Steve Jones, John Peckham, Karen Senecal,  Larry Turner, Roberto Valencia, a University librarian.

Education Admissions

  • Marcel Sargeant, Carol Campbell, Diem Dennis, Michael England, Robert Gardner,  Randy Gilliam, Ben McArthur.

Faculty/Staff Handbook

  • Ben McArthur, Carol Campbell, Steve Jones, Daryl Thomas, Andrew Woolley.

Faculty/Staff Social Activities

  • Diem Dennis, Eric Anderson, Loretta Anderson, Tom Bunch, Susan Grady, Bill Kilgore, David Knight, Jessica Lozano, Bev Mendenhall, Robby Psencik, Roberto Valencia.

General Education

  • Steve Jones, Murray Cox, Michael England, Robert Gardner, Ben McArthur, Catherine Turner, student.

Graduate Council

  • Ben McArthur, Jerry Chi, Diem Dennis, Robert Gardner, Lorena Marin, Marcel Sargeant, Cristina Thomsen, graduate student.


  • Andrew Woolley, Elizabeth Bowser, Art Chadwick, Rudy Dennis, Ben McArthur, Donna Read, LarryTurner, Current Seminar Faculty, student.

Human Subject

  • Bonnie Gnadt, Carol Campbell, Marcel Sargeant, Gerald Springer, Hoyet Taylor, Catherine Turner, Lloyd Willis.

Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness

  • Tom Bunch, Carol Campbell, Murray Cox, Larry Garrett, David Knight, Daryl Thomas, Cristina Thomsen

Institutional Safety and Hazardous Material

  • Greg Wicklund, Dale Hainey, Jessica Lozano, Donna Morrison, Robby Psencik, Marsha Rasmussen, Gerald Springer, Greg Sullivan, James The, Janelle Williams.

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Gary Temple, Robert Gardner, Jessica Lozano, Islem Mattey, one faculty, two students.

Master Plan

  • Larry Garrett, Eric Anderson, Ben McArthur, Tom Bunch, Daryl Knutson, Gary Temple, four faculty/staff appointed by the president, student.

Nursing Admissions

  • Grace Chi, Robert Gardner, Keith Gray, Ben McArthur, all Nursing faculty.


  • Ben McArthur, Arthur Chadwick, Gerald Springer, Hoyet Taylor, James The, Janelle Williams.

President's Council

  • Eric Anderson, Larry Garrett, Keith Gray, Bill Kilgore, David Knight, Ben McArthur, Gary Temple.

Quality Enhancement Plan

  • Andrew Woolley, Carol Campbell, Murray Cox, Miguel Espinosa, Susan Gardner, Ben McArthur, Judy Miles, Gerald Springer, Cristina Thomsen.

Rank and Continuous Appointment

  • Ben McArthur, Carol Campbell, Susan Gardner, Randy Gilliam, Bonnie Gnadt, Steve Jones, Bill Kilgore.


  • Keith Gray, Jerry Chi, Robert Gardner, Bill Kilgore, David Knight, Ben McArthur, Robert Mendenhall, Judy Miles, Patricia Norwood, Assistant Recruiters.


  • Keith Gray, Bill Kilgore, David Knight, Ben McArthur, Judy Miles, Patricia Norwood, Greg Sullivan, James The, Etla Van Horne, Janelle Williams.

Scholar Lecture Series

  • Renard Doneskey, Elizabeth Bowser, Rodney Bussey, Ben McArthur, Karl Wilcox.

Scholarship Selection

  • Gary Temple, Karla Dechavez, David Knight, Patricia Norwood, James The, Duane Valencia, Janelle Williams.

Spiritual Life

  • Bill Kilgore, Islem Mattey, James The, Janelle Williams, Student Chaplain, Student Association Religious Vice President, Student Association President, Student, Faculty, Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor of the Keene SDA Church.

Strategic Planning

  • Eric Anderson, Tom Bunch, Larry Garrett, Dale Hainey, Ben McArthur, Daryl Knutson, Robert Mendenhall, Larry Turner, Lloyd Willis, student.

Student Finance

  • Patricia Norwood, Sandie Adams, Mark Aldridge, Carol Campbell, Robert Gardner, Larry Garrett, Keith Gray, David Knight, Ben McArthur, Jerry Potter, Catherine Turner, Greg Wicklund.

Student Life

  • David Knight, Keith Gray, Bill Kilgore, Greg Sullivan, James The, Janelle Williams, Lolita Valdez, three students.

Student Missionary

  • Bill Kilgore, Tina Bottsford, David Knight, Keith Gray, Patricia Norwood, Ingo Sorke, James The, Lolita Valdez, Janelle Williams, Student Missionary Club President, Four returning student missionaries.

Trust Acceptance

  • Eric Anderson, Larry Garrett, Ben McArthur, Gary Temple.