International (F-1) Students

International students should not leave their country without a letter of acceptance and an I-20 issued by the University.

Requirements for Southwestern Adventist University I-20

After academic acceptance has been granted (see admissions), international students must meet the following requirements to obtain I-20 and I-901 forms necessary for issuance of a student visa for entry into the U.S and enrollment at Southwestern Adventist University:

  • Submit a certificate of finance form and documentation to prove financial ability to meet tuition, lodging, food, fees, medical insurance, and personal expenses.
  • Submit Prepayment. (undergraduates submit $7,900. ESL students submit $5,500.)
  • Submit $1,000 international student deposit,  $200 goes directly to immigration to pay the SEVIS fee for your I-901. $100 reserves a dormitory room if living on campus. The remaining deposit is held in reserve and is returned after graduation or withdrawal if the student account has been paid in full. If an applicant does not register, all funds will be returned except for a $100 processing fee, the $200 SEVIS fee, and the $100 room deposit.
  • Submit a legible copy of a current passport showing legal name.

I-20 Transfer to Another School

International students may transfer to another school before initial enrollment at Southwestern. The student must see the international student advisor to have their I-20 transferred.

I-20 Transfer from Another School to Southwestern

International students must be academically accepted to Southwestern and request a SEVIS transfer from their previous school in order to have their I-20 transferred. They must also submit the required forms necessary to obtain an I-20. See the international student advisor for more information.

Other International Enrollment

F-2, B-1, or B-2 visa holders may enroll for a maximum of one class of up to four hours per semester. These students are not allowed to enroll in nursing classes or work on campus. Immigrants with an R-1 pr R-2 visa can enroll full-time but are not allowed to work on-campus

Concurrent Enrollment

International students on an I-20 visa may be granted concurrent enrollment with another school with approval from the international student advisor.

Immigration Reporting

As required by U.S. law,  the U.S. government must be notified, through the Student & Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) when an I-20 is issued, when an international student enrolls or does not enroll for classes or withdraws from the university or falls below a full load of classes or changes his/her address. It is imperative that international students notify the international student advisor in advance of any changes


International students are expected to have sufficient funding (as listed on I-20 with sponsorship and/or personal funding) to cover tuition, food, lodging, books, fees, insurance, and personal expenses. Unfortunately, the U.S. government does not give  loans or grants to international students. However, you may qualify for scholarships based on GPA, SAT or ACT scores as listed in the finance section. You may also work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session and 40 hours per week during school vacations.

Medical Insurance

Immigration requires that all international students have twelve month coverage while in the U.S.  All international studentsmust purchase major medical insurance coverage at registration. Do not purchase a medical insurance policy in your home country. If already insured through the SDA system, the international student must provide documentation of equivalent insurance coverage. No refunds will be made after the second week of classes.

Arrival on Campus

When international students arrive on campus, they should take their passport, visa, I-20, and I-94 card to the international student services so that copies can be made for their file. Students must also attend the international student orientation which is held the second week of the semester. Students who do not attend the session will be required to attend a makeup session.  All international students are held responsible for the information contained in the international student handbook.