General University Courses

UNIV 011 - University Strategies (1 hour)

A review of strategies necessary to have a successful university experience. Required of all students on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension. Students may not withdraw from this course, and it does not apply towards graduation requirements. Pass/no pass course.

UNIV 110 - Principles of Active Learning (1 hour)

A course to introduce the freshman student to the skills and concepts needed for academic success, including study skills, basic research procedures, library use, campus-oriented-software use, and critical thinking skills.

UNIV 201 - Research in an Academic Discipline (1 hour)

This course is an introduction to the types and purposes of research within an academic discipline. Emphasis will be on library research and sources, including the nature of sources, their correct use, scholarly writing principles within a specific academic discipline, discipline-specific documentation rules, and critical thinking problems. Students will begin the process of senior portfolio development. (Academic Departments may designate a particular class to fulfill this requirement.)

Student Missionary Program Courses

UNIV 103 - Experiential Program (1-6 hours)

This course is designed to allow the student missionary, taskforce worker, or summer colporter to serve in the field and, in combination with UNIV 211, maintain full-time enrollment. By this the University recognizes the legitimate educational value of this experience. Credit does not apply towards graduation requirements.

UNIV 211 - Field Experience (6 hours)

Through this course, the student missionary or taskforce worker will earn 6 hours of credit per semester while serving in the field. A maximum of 12 hours of credit may be earned, and will be applied as elective credit toward graduation. This course is monitored by the campus chaplain, and students must make financial arrangements for this course before leaving campus. Pass/no pass course.

Adult Degree Program Course

ADPS 230 - Prior Learning Assessment (1 hour)

Prerequisite: Admission to the Adult Degree Program

This course will guide a student through the prior learning assessment process and assist him or her in developing an assessment portfolio. The portfolio will describe and document specific areas of prior college-level learning achieved through work and life experiences. The completed portfolio includes a student profile section, individual learning components, course credit petitions, and learning documentation. This course is available on-line through distance education.