Officers of Administration

Kenneth Shaw, Ed.D. President
Amy Rosenthal, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Administration
Accreditation Liaison, Graduate Dean
Joel Wallace, C.P.A. Vice President for Financial Administration

Administrative Services

Sandie Adams, A.S. Assistant Financial Aid Director
Enga Almeida, B.S. Vice President for Enrollment
Tina Bottsford, B.S. Director for Enrollment
Kip Bowser, B.S. Director of Client Services
Thomas Bunch, Ed.D. Director of Institutional Research
Diem Dennis, M.Ed. Associate Director, Records
Robert Gardner, Ph.D. Registrar, Records
Rahneeka Hazelton, M.A. Director of Admissions
Jason Kowarsch, M.A. Assistant Director, Records
Russ Laughlin, M.Div. Vice President for Spiritual Development
Charles Lewis, B.A. Director of Information Technology Services
Eder Marski, M.B.A. Systems Administrator
David Mendoza, B.S. Senior Software Engineer
Patricia Norwood, B.S. Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services
Jerry Potter, M.B.A. Assistant Student Accounts Director
Marsha Rasmussen, A.M.L.S. Technical Services Librarian
Denise Rivera, B.S. Human Resources Director
Andrew Smith, Ed.D. Director for the Center of Academic Success and Advising
James The, M.Ed. Vice President for Student Services
Robert Thompson, B.S. Network Administrator
Cristina Thomsen, M.A., M.S. Librarian
Duane Valencia, M.B.A. Student Accounts Advisor
Alfredo Vergel, M.L.S. Associate Librarian, Public Services
Sharon Wicker, B.B.A. Accountant
Greg Wicklund, B.S. Assistant Vice President for Financial Administration
Edna Yanez-Perez, M.B.A. Cashier

Campus Services

Sean Amos, B.S. Director for Campus Services
Dorie Cruz, M.A. Director of Students with Disabilities
Dale Hainey Director for Physical Plant
Juan Enriquez, B.S. Director for Custodial Services
Will Iverson, B.S. Dean of Men
Darla Sullivan Assistant Director for Food Service
Greg Sullivan, B.S. Executive Chef/Director for Food Service
Janelle Williams, M.Ed. Dean of Women
Marcela Wall, M.S.A. Director for Bookstore